The Club today announced the intention to establish a First Grade Womens team to compete in the Katherine Raymont Shield for the 2022-23 season.

Last season, the womens cricket program at Souths enjoyed some success with the Jodie Fields and Paul Pink Shield teams making the semi finals and grand final respectively.

New Vice President, Alex Robynson, outlined the long term plan for the women's program and is excited by the announcement, "It is an extremely bold and confident announcement that we have made today. We are under no illusions of the challenges and barriers in front of us. That is why we are giving ourselves some time to further strengthen our current junior pathways, develop players within and also recruit some key players before launching our bid for the 2022-23 season", he said. 

It is a real credit to those working behind the scenes over a number of years including coach, Nathan Maddox, and team manager, Sandie Henwood, along with a number of senior players who are continuing to help develop the junior players.

The key priority for the club is to show young players there is a pathway to higher honours through Souths. "For far too long we have developed and nurtured our own talent only to see them play First Grade at another club. We completely understand why players need to do that to play at the higher level however we want them doing that at our club here at Souths with a Magpies shirt on", Robynson said. 

The Club will over the coming years work closely with junior clubs, develop pathways and improve the overall cricket program in order to make the First Grade team a reality.